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Travelling out of the county

The best sources of information about public transport and community transport in other counties are the various county council and Transport for London websites:

East Sussex County Council

Public Transport

Community Transport

Hampshire County Council

Public Transport

Community Transport

Kent County Council

Public Transport

Community Transport

Transport for London

Transport for London (includes buses, taxis, trams, trains)

Surrey County Council

Public Transport

Community Transport

West Sussex County Council

Public Transport

Community Transport

Bus information

In addition to the material posted on its website, Surrey County Council (and most other County Councils) produce hard copies of timetables, printed guides and a county transport map and these are available from the following:

The national public transport Traveline can also advise on transport available in Surrey and nationwide. Call the number below, or click on the logo to link to the website:

There are many newer more accessible buses now operating in east Surrey, but it is advisable to ring the bus operator before your journey to ensure you will be able to board, travel and get off safely.

Rail information

For Surrey and national rail timetable information, click the National Rail Enquiries logo to go to their website:

Railway companies welcome disabled travellers and are committed to making widespread improvements to stations and trains to make travel easier. Follow  this link to go directly to the National Rail Enquiries information for disabled passengers page:

National Rail Enquiries: Information for disabled passengers


Trainline is a one-stop shop for train and coach travel, bringing together routes, fares and journey times from over 260 train and coach companies in 45 countries so customers can easily buy tickets and save time, hassle or money. Trainline


For information about taxis from train stations. Traintaxi

Travelling to hospital and medical appointments

Hospital Transport

If you are to attend an outpatient appointment at a hospital, based on your medical condition, you may qualify for hospital transport. 

Provision of this type of transport must be authorised by your Doctor and subsequent visits must be authorised by a nurse or consultant at the hospital.

Details are available from your GP's surgery or health centre.

Financial Assistance

Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to financial assistance from the Government:


Public Transport

If you can use public transport to reach an appointment, please do so. There are many bus services that go directly to hospitals.

Community Transport

If you cannot use public transport some of the community transport schemes listed in the community transport directory may be able to assist you with transport to a medical appointment. Please check their criteria to see if they do and when booking the transport please make the purpose of your journey clear, so allowances can be made for the appointment taking longer than expected.

The British Red Cross Society and St John Ambulance may also offer help with medical transport, for more information please see the following links:

British Red Cross Society

St John Ambulance


For help with health related questions and other information visit NHS

Accident & Emergency

In the event of a serious medical accident/emergency, an ambulance can be called by dialling 999 (999 or 112 when using a mobile).

Cycling and Walking

Information on cycling and walking in Surrey can be found on the Surrey County Council website in the section 'Roads and transport'.

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