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Welcome to the Surrey Community Transport Directory, which is a joint project between the East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership and Surrey Community Action. The directory contains information about community transport schemes across the boroughs and districts of Surrey.

How to use the Directory

There are three ways of accessing the directory information online by following the links on the left:

1) By Map: On the map click your area to be shown the available schemes.

2) Alphabetically: A list of all schemes in alphabetical order.

3) By District/Borough name: To see a list of schemes available within your area, just click on the appropriate district or borough link. All the schemes are listed at the beginning of each section, with links to the detailed information further down the page.

If you wish to be included in this online directory, have an amendment or know of any other schemes which operate in Surrey, please Contact us.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of a scheme in this directory is not an endorsement by the East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership of the service provided.

Surrey Community Action

Surrey Community Action helps establish voluntary car schemes across Surrey. For more information visit their website at: Surrey Community Action


Many of the schemes welcome new volunteers, so if you feel you are able to spare some time, please see Recruitment and Training .

N.B. Many of the contacts work solely on a voluntary basis; please respect this when calling.

There are a variety of community transport schemes in Surrey and although they do not fit neatly into categories because of their individuality, they are broadly as follows:

a Social Car Schemes
- these schemes operate with volunteers using their own cars.

b Community or Group Transport
- minibuses which take groups of people, often belonging to a club, on specific journeys such as a social outing or to a lunch club.

c Dial-a-Ride - minibuses or accessible cars for people with disabilities to make everyday journeys.

A few notes about the schemes.

Here are a few notes to help you decide if you are able to use a service:

Criteria for eligibility: many schemes provide transport only for specific groups. This may be a certain age group, having a certain disability or infirmity, living in a specific area or a combination of these.

Transport provided for: the schemes have differing priorities in terms of the needs they seek to address, but most will cover medical appointments, shopping, pension collection, hospital visiting, day centres and prescriptions. Please check when booking.

Areas covered: this is the area to which transport can be provided e.g. only up to a 10 mile radius. It may also state places not covered e.g. some schemes will not provide hospital transport.

Vehicles: either minibuses or volunteers' cars. Most organisations have staff trained for assisting people with getting into and out of vehicles. Generally staff should not be expected to 'lift' people so please make sure you can get into the vehicle specified when booking. Most minibuses have a passenger lift or ramp which is a much easier way of getting on board.

Booking procedure: many of the schemes state specific times of the day to ring and book. Please respect these times. Some schemes have an answer phone. Leave your details clearly and be patient. They should ring you back as soon as they can.

Charges/donations: this will help you work out how much your trip should cost. Most organisations keep their costs to a minimum or rely on donations. Please remember to have the fare or donation ready when you travel.

Hours of operation: this is the days and times that transport can be provided.

Any other details: a variety of details can be provided here including other services that an organisation might provide.

If you are still unsure whether you qualify to use a scheme please ring the organisation concerned to find out.

If you are told you do not qualify for a scheme please accept this. Most of the schemes have a limited number of drivers and resources and cannot offer help to those who don't meet their criteria.

Days, times, charges and other details of all schemes may change.

Websites: where organisations have their own website, links have been included.


The Surrey Community Transport Directory 2007 booklet was the last hard-copy version produced.

Unfortunately, funding constraints have precluded the production of an updated booklet, but the online version is updated as and when changes are notified to us.

A minibus waiting for passengers outside a church

"I think they do a good service, are always polite when they pick you up and see if you have your seatbelt on which is a good thing."

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